About Us

CrowdFund.mu: A Mission Statement

Sharing is Caring / Be the Change

Who are We?

CrowdFund.mu is the first real-time on demand social fundraising (SF) platform in Mauritius and was founded by Africa Tech Holding, which is a Mauritian based startup studio and venture builder that incubates and invests in Internet companies. The core objective of CrowdFund.mu is to empower individuals and organisations by allowing them to fund their projects by tapping into the most vital and vibrant resource at our disposal: the people around us.

Indeed, CrowdFund.mu simply acts as an interface between the creators and the community, enabling them to present their projects, in the form of videos, photos and stories, directly to potential donors, both locally and internationally, in order to fund their dreams, campaigns, etc. It provides an easy and transparent way for those who believe in these projects to help make them a reality by donating directly to a given cause. The donation can be made in a person’s name or anonymously.      

Who is CrowdFund.mu for?

In a word: everyone. There is no limit to the type of project that can be funded via CrowdFund.mu*. It can be used to fund your dream trip, a one-off campaign (e.g. for the conservation of a species or site), a recurring campaign (e.g. membership of an NGO), studies here or abroad, a charitable event, a startup, an art project, a medical intervention, a sports challenge, etc.

The list is endless. In fact, the only limit is your imagination. And because transparency is the name of CrowdFund.mu’s game, each and everyone gets to follow donations in real time. At the end of the campaign (which should not exceed a period of three months) all the monies raised are transferred directly to the project’s creator.

*Within the bounds of the law, obviously.

What is social fundraising?

In its essence, social fundraising is simply a way of connecting people. We all want to have a positive impact on our community, country and planet but don’t always know where to begin. CrowdFund.mu allows each and every one of us to be the change we wish to see in the world, either by setting up a project or by funding one. It brings communities closer by encouraging sharing, of ideas and initiatives on one side and donations on the other. By pooling our resources we can vastly expand the scope of our impact.    

Why is it useful?

Technology is upending traditional financial models. It allows individuals and organisations to speak directly to their target audiences rather than via intermediaries. CrowdFund.mu is simply taking this symbiotic relationship to the next level; it uses technological innovation to enable society’s doers to reduce their reliance on existing funding channels. And it’s easy as 123. The platform allows project creators to set up their pages within minutes, whilst donors can simply click on the amount they want to contribute and their preferred mode of payment and presto! The funds donated will be transferred to the beneficiary at the end of the campaign.